PBPC is the premier advocacy organization focused solely on working with policymakers and other stakeholders to advance both education and policy that helps position the plant-based products industry as leaders in innovation, addressing critical environmental imperatives and providing jobs and economic opportunity to communities across the U.S.

PBPC provides its members with an influential voice in Washington, D.C. and beyond. The efforts of our advocacy and government relations team have led to several important policy milestones that help spur innovation, research, and growth of the plant-based products industry.

Some of our most meaningful accomplishments include:

Advocacy + Policy Accomplishments

  • Fighting for the recognition of biobased product manufacturing. Working with key Administration, Congressional, and industry stakeholders, PBPC is advocating for the establishment of unique North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for biobased product manufacturing. NAICS codes would support more effective and accurate measurement of the economic impact of the growing plant-based products industry.
  • Leading domestic and international bioplastic policy engagement. As the U.S. engages on international and foreign regulations that could impact biobased plastics, including a potential U.N.-led global plastic pollution treaty, PBPC serves as an educational and policy resource. For example, PBPC represents the interests of biobased plastics within the U.S. Plastics Pact, a voluntary effort of major companies, NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders, to advance a more circular economy for plastics.
  • Creating a more level playing field for plant-based products. PBPC engages on a number of fronts aimed at ensuring plant-based products are put on an equal footing with more traditional products. Efforts include advocating for federal research, tax legislation, and policies and programs that help create a more level playing field for plant-based products and drive overall demand. As one example, the Biden Administration Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy reflected many of PBPC’s priorities, demonstrating the impact of our outreach efforts.
  • Bringing plant-based products to the international stage. PBPC works to elevate the role of plant-based products at the U.N. Climate Change Conference as nations and other stakeholders identify global solutions to addressing our climate crisis.
  • Developing bioproduct thought leadership. PBPC convenes leaders in the industry, government, and media spaces to discuss the state of the agricultural bioeconomy, along with challenges and opportunities to help the plant-based products industry reach its fullest potential.
  • Supporting plant-based product end-of-life pathways. PBPC’s advocacy efforts helped advance The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act (RCAA), which will improve recycling and composting options, in the U.S. Senate. Partnering with the U.S. Composting Infrastructure Coalition, we successfully advocated for composting to be included in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling (SWIFR) Grant Program. We also partnered on the Food Packaging Institute’s CompostABLE Chicago Study, which shows how restaurants, commercial venues, and other food service locations can more successfully divert food scraps and lower customer confusion with the adoption of compostable packaging.
  • Representing the plant-based products industry. PBPC past Executive Director, Jessica Bowman, for the second year in a row was recognized in The Hill’s list of top lobbyists in 2022. Since she joined PBPC in 2019, Jessica has led the organization’s efforts in advocating for the expanded use of renewable, plant-based materials to help guide the global economy toward a circular model.

Communications + Education Accomplishments

  • PBPC Annual Conference. PBPC hosted its first annual conference, PBPC 2023: Circular Solutions, at the JW Marriott in Washington, D.C. The conference featured keynote addresses, expert panels, and breakout sessions to explore the innovations, business models, and policies influencing the entire lifecycle of bioproducts in support of a more circular economy.
  • PBPC Speaker Series. In 2022, PBPC kicked off the Speaker Series, an online event series which brings together leaders, experts, and visionaries to explore, discuss, and advance this emerging industry.
  • Product Application Series. PBPC developed a series of GIFs and interactive imagery to spark engagement and educate consumers and other stakeholders on a wide variety of bioproducts and their origins and benefits.
  • Consumer research. In 2020, PBPC launched an annual survey aimed at improving our members’ understanding of consumer attitudes towards, and knowledge of, plant-based products. Focusing on consumer attitudes toward plant-based products, the biobased industry, and general perceptions on sustainability, PBPC’s 2022 consumer research provided a greater understanding of the potential of the plant-based products industry.
  • Setting the Record Straight. This blog series aims to address common misconceptions, clarify terminology, and provide easy-to-understand factual information about plant-based products.
  • Plant-based Leaders. This blog series highlights PBPC members to showcase the fascinating work being done across the plant-based product space and identify leaders in driving the circular economy.
  • Media engagement & placements. PBPC actively engages with national media and trade press to promote the advancement of the bioeconomy in articles published across multiple media outlets. Jessica Bowman, PBPC’s past Executive Director, is a member of the Fast Company Executive Board, which is a network of influential leaders, experts, executives, and entrepreneurs who share their insights with the Fast Company audience.
  • Representational opportunities. PBPC staff regularly participates in, and offers PBPC members the opportunity to speak at, webinars, conferences, policy meetings, and other events to elevate the profile of plant-based products.

PBPC members include businesses large and small, from across the globe, who are committed to advancing a more circular economy based on broader adoption of plant-based products.

To learn more about membership in the Plant Based Products Council visit https://pbpc.com/member-benefits/.

Download a PDF of PBPC’s Accomplishments.