To promote the use of plant-based products.


The Plant Based Products Council strives to guide the evolving global economy toward more sustainable and responsible consumer products and packaging. We aspire to deliver a future based on renewable goods, improving global resource efficiency to meet the challenges of the 21st century through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as well as municipal waste. Our organization seeks to:

  • Enhance public awareness of the vast economic, environmental, and social benefits of plant-based products.
  • Encourage collaboration between business, government, and non-profits to incorporate principles of a circular bioeconomy into consumer products and industrials.
  • Advocate for policy that encourages the transition to renewable products.
  • Provide a platform for stakeholders throughout the plant-based product value chain to connect and collaborate.


Jessica Bowman serves as the Plant Based Products Council’s (PBPC) Executive Director. In her position, she leads PBPC’s efforts in advocating for using more renewable, plant-based materials and ensuring they become part of the circular bioeconomy. In addition to leading PBPC, Jessica also serves as the Corn Refiners Association’s (CRA) Vice President of Advanced Bioproducts, overseeing and executing legislative and regulatory priorities for policies related to advanced bioproducts.


PBPC membership includes businesses large and small, from across the globe, who are committed to advancing the bioeconomy. PBPC members come from all links in the plant-based product supply chain: feedstock suppliers, polymer manufacturers, product manufacturers, companies addressing their packaging sustainability, waste management companies, and consultancies focused on waste diversion, bioeconomy, and sustainable development.

Advisory Board

In addition to its membership, the PBPC features an Advisory Board consisting of leading environmental organizations, academics and NGOs, reflecting our organization’s commitment to collaboration.

Californians Against Waste
Environmental Law Institute
International Conservation Caucus Foundation
Iowa State University – Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC)
Larta Institute
University of California, Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources

PBPC Alliances

Strategic alliances are key to building a sustainable future. PBPC works with like-minded coalitions to create change necessary to build a circular bioeconomy.