Join the Plant Based Products Council today and become part of a growing group of businesses, large and small, that are working to guide the global economy toward more sustainable and responsible consumer products and packaging through greater use of plant-based materials.

As a PBPC member, your business will be gaining an influential voice in Washington. PBPC strives to be a premier issues-advocacy organization, and we’re working tirelessly alongside policymakers to advance growth of the plant-based products industry. Take a look at how we are taking action on PBPC’s priority policy and communications objectives to see examples of how your organization can benefit from membership.

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“PBPC is one of the few organizations that’s really moving the needle for our industry – working in Washington to both promote and support the transition to a biobased economy. That work is essential not only to the health of our industry, but the future health of our planet.”
Keith Edwards, Vice President of Business Development, Danimer Scientific
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“PBPC is in the thick of it, driving policy change in Washington and helping ensure sustainability-focused businesses like ours can thrive. It’s exciting to work with leaders who understand our challenges and who are actively helping to craft real solutions.”
Misha Medvedev, Co-Founder, Earth Brands
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“Engagement with PBPC is critical for Primient as it connects us with key policymakers and other actors in the plant-based product sector.”
Laura Kowalski, Global Sustainability Manager, Primient
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“PBPC is driving awareness and familiarity around an industry that most people have no idea about. That is creating the rising tide that is lifting all boats in the biobased materials space.”
Jonathan Jakubowski, President, SmartSolve

In addition, all PBPC members receive a variety of benefits that can assist their business in being up to date on the latest policy news, communicate with their audiences, access valuable resources and more. We’ve tailored our membership structure to best meet the needs of the wide variety of stakeholders in the plant-based industry. A breakdown of membership tiers, additional benefits per tier and costs are below. We’re happy to provide more information or answer your questions on membership.

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help companies and individuals as they assess becoming a member of PBPC. 

Membership Tiers

  • Executive Membership (Voting) $25,000
  • General Membership (Voting) $10,000
  • General Member – Start-up/Small Business (Voting) $1,200
  • General Member – Consultants (Voting) $10,000

If you represent a university, research institute, or trade association, or are an academic or student interested in joining, contact us for more information.

Member Benefits

All voting members will receive the following benefits:

  • PBPC Website Membership Listing – Members will be listed on PBPC’s public facing website, giving visibility to your company’s commitment to PBPC’s mission.
  • Communications Toolkit – Members will have access to PBPC’s membership communications toolkit, including rights to use PBPC’s logo. The toolkit provides suggested materials and messaging about PBPC and the plant-based economy and industry.
  • PBPC Newsletter – Any representative from a PBPC member company can receive PBPC’s newsletter, which highlights PBPC activities, policy developments, consumer trends, corporate sustainability announcements, and more. The newsletter is distributed bi-weekly to PBPC members, media, lawmakers, consumers, and other interested stakeholders.
  • Monthly Member Updates – Members receive PBPC’s monthly member updates, which provide an overview of PBPC’s policy advocacy, communications activities, member resources, opportunities to engage, etc.
  • Member Directory Listing – Members can be listed in PBPC’s online member directory.
  • Member Meetings – Members will be invited to participate in PBPC member-only meetings, webinars, and town halls.
  • PBPC Committee/Working Group Participation – Member companies can assign representatives to participate on any PBPC committees or working groups.
  • PBPC Policy Input – Members work collaboratively with the Board and staff to develop PBPC’s policy advocacy agenda.
  • Member Visibility Opportunities – Members may have the opportunity to be featured in a member spotlight on PBPC’s Plant-Based Leaders blog, showcasing the company’s products, programs, and staff commitment to the plant-based products industry.
  • Consumer Research – Launched in 2020, PBPC’s consumer research program provides members with an enhanced understanding of consumer attitudes toward plant-based products, including year-over-year trends and segmentation data. Members receive comprehensive, detailed data with important insights and actionable takeaways to make deeper connections with their target audience(s).


Executive Members

General Members

Small Business

Consultant Members

PBPC Website Membership Listing

Communications Toolkit

PBPC Newsletter

Monthly Member Updates

Member Directory Listing

Member Meetings

PBPC Committee/Working Group Participation

Board of Directors’ Seat




PBPC Committee/Working Group Leadership





PBPC Policy Input


Member Visibility Opportunities




Consumer Research Data


Hill Fly-in




PBPC Company Briefing




E = Eligible
P = Partial

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