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Setting the Record Straight

Bioplastics Week 2022: The Diverse Uses of Bioplastics

Take a look around you – how many items can you see that are made of Read More

Setting the Record Straight

What role can companies play in advancing the use of plant-based products?

It’s undeniable – the plant-based movement is growing. An expanding Read More

Setting the Record Straight

Are plant-based products more expensive to manufacture and purchase?

More and more companies are committing to packaging and manufacturing Read More

Our Voice

Campus Composting Benefits the Circular Economy

By Madeline Billet, CRA/PBPC Government Relations Intern – Summer 2022 Read More

Setting the Record Straight

How do closed-loop facilities contribute to a more sustainable world?

One of PBPC’s primary goals is to advocate for policies and programs that Read More

Plant-Based Leaders

Plant-Based Leaders | PlantSwitch

Bioplastic Entrepreneurs Focus on Eco-Friendly & Affordable to Tap Service Read More

Our Voice

New Composting and Recycling Legislation: What You Need to Know

To fully take advantage of the numerous environmental and economic advantages Read More

Setting the Record Straight

Do plant-based products perform as well as traditional products and materials?

A common myth we often hear is that plant-based products don’t perform as Read More

Our Voice

PBPC Hosts Bioeconomy Salon Dinner for Industry, Policy, Media Experts

By: Jessica Bowman, PBPC Executive Director In early May, more than 15 leaders Read More