Tell Lawmakers: Support Job Growth in the Farm Bill! Support Ag-Based Biomanufacturing!

Congress is working on the Farm Bill. This is our chance to advance economic development in America’s rural communities and ensure our country is a world leader in ag-based bioproduct manufacturing and sustainable innovation.

Help us send a message to lawmakers that the U.S. has the farmers and innovators and now we need the policies. Support for the ag-based bioproducts industry is crucial to the U.S. economy, environmental sustainability, and American innovation.

Two bipartisan bills that can help grow the U.S. ag bioeconomy have already been introduced in Congress:

  • The Biomanufacturing and Jobs Act
  • The Agricultural Biorefinery Improvement and Opportunity Act (Ag BIO Act)

Also, to prevent consumer confusion from hindering market growth, members of Congress have offered a proposal to provide USDA with the ability to establish nationally uniform terms for use in the labeling of biobased products as part of the Biomanufacturing and Jobs Act.

Send a letter to your lawmakers today and urge them to include the Biomanufacturing and Jobs Act, nationally uniform bioeconomy terminology, and the Ag BIO Act in the Farm Bill!