PBPC launched a consumer research program in 2020 to better understand the landscape in the United States for plant-based products. We learned a majority of Americans are receptive to plant-based products and packaging, but most are unaware of the wide variety of goods made from plant-based materials.

Consumers Support Sustainability

Our 2022 research shows that in addition to strong interest in plant-based products, consumers are more favorable towards companies, farmers, and policymakers who are involved in sustainable initiatives.

Consumer Interest in Plant-Based Products Grows

Over 8 in 10 (82% – 4% higher than 2021 figures) of Americans have been exposed to plant-based products. More and more consumers are interested in purchasing plant-based products to provide a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products – and to support American jobs!.

Consumers Are Buying Plant-Based Products

Nearly half (48%) of Americans report purchasing plant-based products monthly. This number only continues to grow as more and more consumers learn about the many benefits of products made from plants.

Close to nine out of 10 (88%) of consumers said they are likely to purchase products and materials made from plants in the next three months.

Over 70% of consumers said they consciously think about products and packaging made from plant-based materials when they are shopping, up from 65% in 2021 and rebounding to pre-pandemic numbers.

Key Insights from 2021


Nearly 80% of the population has encountered or used plant-based products and more than half are committed to using plant-based product alternatives OR see opportunities to integrate them into their lives.

Since our initial research, consumers have become more familiar with plant-based products and understand that different types of feedstocks are used to make them.

Plant-Based Products Drive Consumer Interest

Companies at the forefront of leading technology in the plant-based products industry can tap into what consumers crave.

Consumers are much more likely to be interested in a company that leads innovations to create plant-based products OR who use plant-based products.

consumers are aware of plant based innovations

Our research shows consumers are 62% more interested in companies leading innovations and 61% more interested in companies using plant-based products.  

View the results and learn more about the 2021 PBPC Consumer Research study.

Key Insights from 2020

Plant-based Potential

plant-based product market size
  • More than 136 million U.S. consumers make up the domestic market potential for plant-based products.
  • 54% of the U.S. adult population view plant-based products favorably and are likely to purchase them.  


Only 22% have strong familiarity with plant-based products and packaging.

People tend to associate plant-based products with paper and plant-based foods. There is some awareness of other plant-based products such as clothing, bags, boxes, and containers. But the full range of plant-based products includes much, much more.

Jessica Bowman, Executive Director of the Plant Based Products Council, provides an overview of the research.

View the results and learn more about the 2020 PBPC Consumer Research study. 

PBPC is working to educate and increase awareness of plant-based products. There are many items consumers can add into their daily routines like beauty products, household cleaners and supplies, toys and furniture. Check out our extensive list of Product Examples to see the wide range of plant-based products available from PBPC members and more. We also recommend taking a look at USDA's BioPreferred® Program Catalog, which is a comprehensive resource for biobased products.

Consumers care about sustainability and want to improve the
world for future generations. Join PBPC in our efforts to help people understand how
plant-based products make a difference.

Interested in a deeper dive into the research? The full results of the study are accessible only to PBPC members. Learn more about the benefits of PBPC membership or contact us for more information.