Millennials are the largest American generation and entering their prime spending years. An August 2018 survey concerning bioplastics found:
  • All segments of the Millennial population (Democrats, Republicans, Gen Z, lower-income Millennials, etc.) are supportive of bioplastics and willing to pay more for them.
  • Millennials feel most guilty about their own plastic use (48%) compared to other resources, such as paper (33%), water (31%) or the amount they drive (19%).
  • 64% of Millennials are willing to use alternatives to plastic, 60% are surprised by the lack of options to plastic.
  • Yet, only 13% are “very familiar” with bioplastic.
  • But once bioplastics are described, 90% become favorable to bioplastics, a statistic that crossed party affiliation, racial self-identification, income groups and the urban/rural divide.
  • As a result, significant majorities of Millennials are willing to:
    • Pay more for bioplastic utensils;
    • Pay more for organic food in bioplastic packaging; and
    • Are more willing to visit a fast-food restaurant that uses compostable packaging.

A presentation and overview of millennial attitudes can be found below:

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