One of today’s greatest environmental challenges is the increasing global appetite for consumer goods and convenient packaging. When disposed of improperly, they can damage our planet, pollute our oceans and threaten our wildlife.

We can help solve these problems by using more renewable, plant-based materials and then ensuring they become part of the circular bioeconomy – returning to the earth’s soil as healthy compost. Taken together, these steps reduce carbon emissions, improve water quality, and curtail solid waste destined for landfills.

The Plant Based Products Council is a group of organizations working to guide the global economy toward more sustainable and responsible consumer products and packaging through greater use of plant-based materials. We also support and advocate for programs that support the circular bioeconomy.

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Encouraging a more sustainable and responsible future through products derived from nature.

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Plant-based products are derived from sustainable biomass found on six continents. These feedstocks include:

Agricultural Residues
Cassava (aka yucca)
Dent Corn
Palm Leaf
Rice husk
Sugar beet
And Others...