PET Lid for 6″ Square Plates, Case of 500

These 6″ x 8″ Palm Leaf Platters are made from naturally fallen palm leaves and are made without the use of chemicals, dyes, or resins. Durable, they can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees for up to 45 minutes and are microwave and oven safe. These quality platters are ideal for serving up salads and a variety of other dishes and have a unique sloped side design. Eco-friendly, they will be fully composted by 2 months. Palm products are made from palm leaves which naturally fall off palm trees in a process known as shedding. The leaves are collected and cleaned by washing the leaves in water and applying heat to remove dirt and other debris. After washing, the leaves are left to air dry and are stretched and flattened by hand. Heated processes are used to bend the leaves and create the desired shape. Featuring a stylish design, these platters are a wonderful eco-friendly option. Specifications: Material: Naturally Fallen Palm Leaves Length: 6″ Width: 8″ Height: 1″ Microwave Safe: Yes Oven Safe: Yes Ecological: Disposable, Made without the use of chemicals, dyes, or resins