NuSafe MainTain™

MainTain™’s proprietary formulation alters the top surface of your mineral tile to create a highly effective microscopic non-slip texture without introducing unsightly coatings, tapes or overlays. Tiles become very slippery when wet and present a high risk of accident and injury contributing significantly to slip accident statistics. Continuous use of MainTain™ can transform the most slippery tiled floor into a safe, anti-slip surface, even under the wettest conditions. MainTain™’s safety-action formula is an actual treatment that affects the top surface of your tile and places a microscopic texture into the very surface of the tile. This super fine texture, while it can’t be felt with the bare hand, has a pronounced affect by breaking down the hydroplaning action usually found on wet smooth floor surfaces. This makes your tiled floor as safe to walk on when it is wet as when it is dry. The tiles full toughness and durability will be unchanged, but now with the added benefit of being slip-free.