Dev-Kleen Soy Solv

A unique blend of surfactants together with a derivative of soybean oil, the biodegradable, non-flammable solvent – methyl soyate. This combination provides outstanding cleaning characteristics, in which the high solvency capacity of this natural food by-product is combined with surfactants to provide both water rinseability and water dispersability in an environmentally friendly cleaner. can be used at 20 to 100% for solvent-type cleaning/degreasing applications, effectively removing honey oils, cutting oils and buffing compounds. It can be rinsed in water afterward for an extra clean surface. to be used at 5 to 20% for dip, spray, floor cleaning or other operations, depending on the conditions of the surface being cleaned. Its ability to dissolve greases, oils, and flush various types of soils from floors and other surfaces provides for a wide range of efficient cleaning applications. As a mildly alkaline cleaner, it is suitable for use with aluminum.