Plant Based Products Council Expands Corporate Membership; Welcomes Environmental Law Institute to Advisory Board

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC), a group of forward-thinking businesses and environmental leaders, announced the addition of 24 corporate members, along with two new members to its Advisory Board. The PBPC now boasts a total of 40 corporate members, in addition to five Advisory Board members.

Launched in January 2019, the PBPC is working to guide the global economy toward more sustainable and responsible solutions, specifically those derived from renewable biomass. The organization’s membership includes businesses large and small, from across the United States, who are committed to advancing the bioeconomy. In addition to its membership, the PBPC features an Advisory Board consisting of leading academics, environmental organizations and NGOs.

“As the PBPC works toward the development of its policy agenda, rapid membership growth continues to provide unique insights into the many solutions that plant based products and materials have to offer,” said Mary Solecki, PBPC Spokesperson. “We are confident that this collaboration will continue to grow and serve as an important voice in this new and exciting space.”

Newly added corporate members come from all links in the plant-based product supply chain: feedstock suppliers, polymer manufacturers, product manufacturers, companies addressing their packaging sustainability, waste management companies, and consultancies focused on waste diversion, bioeconomy, and sustainable development. As PBPC continues to grow, the diversity of its membership expertise continues to be a strength.

“Environmental Law Institute is proud to support the efforts of the Plant Based Products Council,” said Caitlin McCarthy of Environmental Law Institute. “This new organization represents a fresh voice and an opportunity for collaboration between businesses and environmental organizations in addressing sustainability issues.”

The following companies were named as part of PBPC’s expansion: Amy’s Kitchen Inc., Biopak Pty Ltd, BRC Global Standards, Building Knowledge Systems, LLC, Eagle Universal LLC, Ember Infrastructure, Enagon LLC, EnviroTakeout, Food Projx, Foodworks, Futamura, Innovation Creation LLP, JDMT, Inc / Teru Talk, Knot Genie, Larta Institute, Marubeni, NatureWorks, PureTemp LLC, Repurpose, Inc, Strugatz Ventures Inc, Sustainable Materials Management Maryland, Trinity Green Derivatives, Ubuntoo, and Virent, Inc.

Additionally, the PBPC announced the addition of Environmental Law Institute (ELI) to its Advisory Board, along with Ron Buckhalt, former Director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred program.

PBPC continues to recruit both corporate and Advisory Board members. Visit https://pbpc.com/ to learn more.


 The Plant Based Products Council is a group of like-minded organizations working to guide the global economy toward more sustainable and responsible consumer products and packaging through greater use of plant-based materials.