PBPC Newsletter May 24th, 2024

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On Thursday, May 23, the House Agriculture Committee considered Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson’s Farm Bill proposal and reported it out of the panel in a 33-21 vote.

For the ag biomanufacturing sector, the bill includes improvements to USDA’s BioPreferred program, a prioritization of bioeconomy-related NAICS codes, support for nationally uniform labeling terminology, and recognition of innovation infrastructure needs. PBPC and its partners across the value chain applaud the hard work of many industry champions, including those who championed marker bill legislation that was included in the House draft or spoke in support of continued improvements to the farm bill.

The Farm Bill, generally passed every five years, authorizes programs at the Department of Agriculture including conservation, food safety, forestry and economic development projects in rural communities. The authorization expired last year but was extended through September 30, 2024.

PBPC is also grateful for the leadership of 14 state agriculture officials for their letter supporting the bipartisan Farm Bill priorities of the plant-based products industry.

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On May 17, USDA Trade Under Secretary Alexis Taylor announced the availability of $20 million in funding for the first five projects under the Assisting Specialty Crops Exports initiative. USDA is accepting applications for projects that will address non-tariff barriers such as overseas packaging regulations that hinder U.S. exports of fruits, horticultural crops, tree nuts, vegetables, and other related products.

Most notably, USDA is accepting applications for the Sustainable Packing Innovation Lab (SPIL), which aims to support research and implement projects that advance U.S. specialty crops exports through innovative solutions to regulatory requirements oversea for packaging and labeling. The deadline to submit an application for ASCE- SPIL is July 17, 2024.


Monday, May 27, is Memorial Day, marking a time to honor the brave individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our nation.

This day also marks the start of a new season and an important time for producers across the country who grow the feedstocks used in plant-based products. We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy summer kicked off by a reverent and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, 2024, highlighting the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet and bringing people together from across the globe to protect and restore the Earth. We’re proud of the work our partners do to innovate and produce products and materials from renewable resources that can be disposed of in sustainable ways. Learn more about PBPC’s environmental impact and priorities.


Help PBPC send a message to lawmakers that the U.S. has the farmers and innovators and now we need the policies. Support for the ag-based bioproducts industry is crucial to the U.S. economy, environmental sustainability, and American innovation.

Two bipartisan bills that can help grow the U.S. ag bioeconomy have already been introduced in Congress:

Send a letter to your lawmakers today and urge them to include the Biomanufacturing and Jobs Act, nationally uniform bioeconomy terminology, and the Ag BIO Act in the Farm Bill!

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