PBPC Newsletter March 19, 2021

Welcome to the Plant Based Products Council Newsletter! If you have friends or colleagues interested in our industry, please forward this to them immediately. Then, read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world! If you missed our last edition, check it out using the link below.

PBPC Newsletter March 4, 2021

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PBPC member Virent utilizes a unique, enzyme-driven process to create new and renewable green chemicals and biofuels that are identical to their petroleum-derived counterparts at the molecular level. The result is a dramatically lower carbon footprint for companies choosing Virent’s plant-based products. Learn more about the company, their renewable chemicals, and their sustainability story below.
PBPC Plant-Based Leader: Virent


In the following links, see stories on how the Biden Administration is driving sustainability policy, a key Congressional committee offers climate legislation, the oil and gas industry’s consideration of a carbon tax, and state-level action, too.
Politico: Vilsack Is Back At USDA After 4 Years Of Trump. The World Has Changed
Bloomberg Green: Agriculture Secretary Sees ‘Early Wins’ On Climate From Farms
Bloomberg Green: How Farmers Could Fight Climate Change (And Make A Profit)
Reuters: Wary US Farmers Weigh Up Joining Biden’s Climate Fight
Politico: House Energy And Commerce Leaders Unveil Sweeping Climate Change Legislation
The Washington Post: Top Oil And Gas Lobbying Group Close To Backing A Carbon Tax
Plastics News: Climate Debate In Washington Increasingly Includes Plastic
Spectrum News 1: Ca Sees 12 Different Bills To Combat Plastic Pollution
AXIOS: Colorado Democrats Declare War On Plastics
The Washington Post($): U.S. Officially Rejoins Paris Accord


A poll of UK cosmetics consumers reveals that an incredible 87% of beauty shoppers have never heard of the term “circular economy” even as 88% say they look for sustainability credentials. These substantial margins make clear the work our industry has ahead of us in helping guide and educate consumers. PBPC is working to be one important voice on these issues.
Cosmetics Business: 9 Of Every 10 Consumers Unfamiliar With ‘Circular Economy’


Below, we have multiple new bioplastics, a new biodegradable facemask, new plant-based footwear, new food packaging made from food waste, and much more.
SciTechDaily: Microbiologists Modify Bacteria To Produce Climate-Neutral And Rapidly Degradable Bioplastics
Unreserved: Sustainable Packaging Grows Into A New Plant
Global Citizen: Could This Bioplastic Dress Be the Future of Sustainable Fashion? 
Plastics Today: Novomer Develops ‘Industry’s Lowest-Cost’ Process To Produce Compostable Plastics
Intelligent LivingThe World’s First Recyclable And Biodegradable Plastic
Canadian Plastics: British Columbia Scientists Use New Bioplastic To Make Fully Compostable Coffee Pod
Innovations in Textiles: Biodegradable Facemask Set For Commercial Launch
Edie: Clarks And UGG Unveil Sustainable Shoe Innovations
Wicked Leaks: Turning Food Waste Into Fashion
Fresh Produce Journal: Reflex Launches Sustainable Packaging Division


The Washington Post reports, “There is a quickening rhythm of corporations with big carbon footprints pledging action to combat climate change,” as the paper counts more than 50 recent pledges. Meanwhile, P&G and Hershey have set packaging goals for 2030.
The Washington Post($): More Than 50 Companies Have Vowed To Be Carbon-Neutral By 2040
Beauty Packaging: P&G Makes Progress Toward Packaging Circularity In Europe
Food Dive: Hershey Unveils New Goals To Address Climate Change
Supply Chain: Smart, Sustainable Packaging From Amcor 


Large financial institutions have stepped forward to assist in drafting voluntary climate policies, but activists are warning against the voluntary model. Also, the Biden Administration makes moves on ESG ratings and investing.
Bloomberg Green: The Risk Of Letting Big Finance Write Its Own Climate Rules
Forbes: Biden Advances Sustainable Investing


While most of our coverage is focused on plant-based developments, other initiatives and product ideas within the circular economy merit mention as well – both good and bad. Below, Greenpeace examines grocery plastics, the BBC considers plastic sequestration in roads, and The Hill looks at carbon sequestration in concrete.
Daily Breeze: Grocery Store Efforts On Plastic Reduction Too Slow, Greenpeace Says
BBC: Could Plastic Roads Make For A Smoother Ride?
The Hill: What Is Bendable Concrete, And How Can It Help Fight Climate Change?
Star Tribune: Mississippi River Cities Join Project To Map Plastic Litter
Science 2.0Is Sustainable Packaging Possible?
NPR: Fighting Climate Change By Farming Kelp 


We hope your enthusiasm for the sustainability cause never waivers, but just in case, we offer a few recent stories about our struggling global environment in areas where the plant-based industry can be a driver of incremental, positive changes.
Agri-PulseMicroplastics In Soils May Hurt Crop Production, Or Worse
Bloomberg Green: After Historic Fall, Carbon Emissions Are Now Coming Back Fast 
CNN: The Slowing Down Of Ocean Currents Could Have A Devastating Effect On Our Climate
Resource Recycling: Surprise Rise: Paper And Plastic Exports Up To Start 2021


If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you’ll know we have a thing for plastic-eating microbes. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update, but our friends at Forbes have come to the rescue with a deep dive on this ongoing research.
Forbes: The Race To Develop Plastic-Eating Bacteria


Want to see the latest trends in sustainability? Need to be exposed to some excellent consumer education? Curious about the latest products in the plant-based space? PBPC members have you covered in the links below.
Amy’s Kitchen: Became A Smartway Transport Partner
BioPak: Sugarcane Pulp Plastic
BioPak: Now Is The Time To Implement Sustainable Alternatives To Plastics
Biorgani: Plant-Based Resins Are Compatible With Machinery Used For Conventional Plastic
Cargill: Discussion Of Ag Climate Solutions At World Agri-Tech Summit
Danimer Scientific: Phade Is Using Their Raw Biobased Materials In Producing Biodegradable Straws
Emerald Brand: Partners With Coffee Distributing Corp To Provide Plant-Based Packaging 
Footprint: Partnering With Conagra To Develop Sustainable Packaging For Frozen Food
Futamura: The Importance Of Sustainable Packaging For Sweets
Futamura: Video On Cellulose Based Films
Ingredion: Commits To WWF’s Ag Water Challenge
NatureWorks: Integrating Plant-Based Products Into The Existing Supply Chain
Novamont: New Consortium With The EU Re: Biobased Materials Investment 
P2 Science: Global Cosmetics Write Up About P2 Science’s Products
SmartSolve: Interview With Founder On Sustainable Periods
SmartSolve: Partners With Mccormack Innovation On Environmentally Friendly Medical Supplies
Sweetgreen: Goal: Going Carbon Neutral By 2027
Tetra Tech: A New Model For Accessing Environmental Risk
Twin Rivers Technologies: Receives Ecovadis Gold Medal