PBPC Newsletter June 9, 2021

Welcome to the Plant Based Products Council Newsletter! If you have friends or colleagues interested in our industry, please forward this to them. Then, read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world. If you missed our last edition, check it out using the below link. 

PBPC Newsletter May 26, 2021

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PBPC is expanding its team. We are seeking a Director of Strategic Communications. The role will work across the full portfolio of PBPC issues while also supporting our sister organization, CRA. Want to learn more, or know someone who might be a good fit?

PBPC: Director of Strategic Communications


First, NatureWorks inks a deal to expand the production of their plant-based Ingeo polymer. Meanwhile, in this in-depth interview about packaging, PepsiCo doubles down on their climate goals, aiming for net zero by 2040. Then, they release infinitely recyclable packaging for Aquafina water – going with glass and aluminum at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Packaging World: PepsiCo’s Jason Blake Drives Sustainability Agenda

The National News: PepsiCo Doubles Down On Sustainability In Partnership With Expo 2020 Dubai

Plastics Today: NatureWorks Reaches Key Milestones For Global Manufacturing Expansion


It’s been a big week for innovation. Seaweed is not only edible, it also makes a great bioplastic and cosmetic ingredient; plus, it’s a carbon capturing powerhouse. Also, takeout containers made from grass, aircraft wings from tree bark and compost, adhesive from shellfish waste, and more.

World Economic Forum: Start-Ups Are Using Seaweed To Help Save The Planet
Phys.org: Grass Replaces Plastic In Food Packaging
Phys.org: Turning Tree Bark And Compost Into Aircraft Wings And Plastic Bags
Manufacturing.net: Studying Shellfish For Advanced Adhesives
Phys.org: Turning Tree Residue Into Smart Hydrogels
The Times: Man-Made Cell That Produces Plastics And Medicines
Future Farming: Tech That Could Stop The Use Of Plastic Mulch
Plastics Technology: Branded Glasses Made From 40% Biobased Nylon Compounds
Forbes: Biobased Outdoor Gear—And Beyond


We’re excited to see the food industry develop a taste for sustainability as Chipotle, Mars Wrigley, and KFC all explore sustainable packaging. Meanwhile, Mastercard explores bioplastics as a potential material for credit cards. And, caring for skin gets a green makeover as Nivea debuts bioplastic packaging.

The Food Institute: Chipotle Leading Sustainable Packaging Trend
Packaging World: Mars Wrigley Develops, Tests Paper-Based Packaging For Balisto Chocolate Bar
Packaging Strategies: KFC Canada Piloting Home-Compostable Packaging
Packaging World: New Nivea Jars Are Made From Bio-based Forestry Byproduct
Waste Today: Mastercard Announces Focus On Sustainably Created Cards
QSR Magazine: Sweetgreen Unveils New Brand Identity
Plastics Today: SC Johnson Partners With Brewers And Bucks To Upcycle Arena Cups


The Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index shows textile makers made considerable sustainability progress over the past year with the industry working toward a goal of 45% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030. Also, one textile CEO explores ways to make polyester more sustainable.

GreenBiz: The Textile Companies Creating Material Change
CNBC: Polyester Is One Of The Biggest Polluters In Fashion — Here’s What One CEO Wants To Do About It


No need to dig under those couch cushions for loose change, we have found financial (and networking) opportunities right here. The European Parliament announced funding for circular economy solutions. Meanwhile, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation seeks out sustainable plastic innovations and in a related essay cites Ford Motor’s use of coffee bean feedstocks. Plus, the Department of Energy is launching a fund that will “Support various projects to develop viable solutions for converting plastic films to more valuable materials and designing plastics that are more recyclable and biodegradable.”

The National Law Review: EP Announces Funding For A Circular European Economy
Waste Today: US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Launches Sustainable Plastics Initiative
US ChamberEssay on Plastics Innovation
Circular Online: New Funding To Reduce Plastic Packaging’s Environmental Impact
The National Law Review: DOE Announces Investment In R&D For Plastic Recycling Technologies


The US Government continued to focus on environment efforts this week. First, tax credits for capturing corporate carbon gain bipartisan support. The Biden administration considers a plastics ban and calls for climate spending to benefit disadvantaged communities.

Axios: Rare Climate Bipartisanship Emerges On Carbon Storage, Air Capture
Plastics Today: Biden Administration Getting Serious About Plastics Ban
The Guardian: Biden’s Justice40 Plan Offers Hope Of A Fairer Environment – But Can It Work?
Waste Dive: Biden Proposes Higher EPA Funding, Including $10m In Recycling Grants


City planners across the planet are working hard to create sustainable cities. First, an International Solid Waste Association collaboration develops a method for calculating cities’ circular performance. Meanwhile, a study shows green spaces benefit both the environment and human health. City planners in Amsterdam respond with a green infrastructure plan.

Waste Management World: Building A Network Of Circular Cities
World Economic Forum: These Are The Human Benefits Of Building Nature Into Our Cities


This week robots provide some potential solutions to our pollution problems. First, a lab in the Czech Republic develops red blood cell sized robots to dissolve microplastics in our waterways. Meanwhile, tech companies see AI as a solution to sift through the trash to find more recyclables.

Fast Company: These Microscopic Robots Swim Through The Ocean And Dissolve Microplastics
CNBC: Trillions of Pounds Of Trash: New Technology Tries To Solve An Old Garbage Problem


Our members have been working hard to make the future more sustainable. Whether funding sustainable start-ups, engaging in new partnerships, elevating the profile of sustainable solutions, or delivering on their sustainability commitments, the impactful work of PBPC’s members never ceases. Below, find some of their most impressive efforts from the last two weeks.

ADM: 2020 Sustainability Progress Report 
ADM: Partners with Consortium To Support Sustainability In Startups
Cargill:  Addressing Community Water Challenges
Danimer Scientific: Partners With University Of Minnesota On PHA 
Danimer Scientific: Fast Company Awards Brand Using Their Biopolymer 
Footprint: Recognized As One Of CNBC’s Disruptors 
Footprint:  Solutions To Plastic Recycling And Single Use Plastics
Futamura: Used In Riverford Organic’s Produce Packaging 
Futamura:  Addresses CMT’s Sustainable Flexible Packaging Event 
GenpakSponsors Foam Recycling Grants 
Hexas: Announces Cohort Membership At Cleantech Open
NatureWorks: Announces Key Milestones for Global Manufacturing Expansion
NatureWorks: Lead Scientist To Present At American Chemical Society Meeting
Novamont: Partners To Increase Use Of Bio-based Fibers and Plastics 
P2 Science: Adds Prof. Vania Leite To Scientific Advisory Board 
P2 Science: Partners With Crème Global To Ensure Product Sustainability 
Roquette: Article Detailing Plant Based Approach To Cosmetics  
SmartSolve: 4 Industries Ready For Water Soluble Packaging  
TIPA: Hosted Virtual Event On Compostable Packaging 
TIPA: Partnership With The 2021 International Woolmark Prize