PBPC Newsletter February 4, 2021

Read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world! If you missed our last edition, check it out using the link below.

PBPC Newsletter January 21, 2021

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Global demand for wood is growing exponentially, putting stress on the world’s forests while the USDA expects wood prices in the US to rise 31-46% by 2050. PBPC member Hexas Biomass is a woman-owned start-up that has developed a giant perennial grass which can serve as a substitute for wood, bamboo, and fossil fuel-based raw materials. Equally important, this impressive grass helps farmers and the planet. It improves the soil by returning nutrients to the earth, prevents soil erosion, and captures significant amounts of carbon in the soil, among other impressive qualities.

Learn more about this incredible company and their vision for the environment at the link below. We are developing new member spotlights for future editions. Each new piece is developed in collaboration with the featured member and supported by PBPC’s social media channels.

 PBPC’s Plant-based Leaders: Hexas Biomass


Here are the top sustainable stories impacting our plant-based value chain. From a global consumer poll that queried 1.2 million respondents to essential packaging, composting, and ESG news – read these articles first.

EcoWatch: Largest-Ever Climate Poll: 64% Say Climate Change Is A Global Emergency
BusinessInsider: 60 Major Companies Align ESG Reporting Standards
The Wall Street Journal: How Composting Has Gone High-Tech
GreenBiz: The State Of Green Business 2021
Food Navigator: Sustainable Packaging Gains As COVID “Shock” Ebbs
CNBC (Video): These Companies Offering Eco-Friendly Substitutes To The World’s Plastic Problem


Did you know that methane is being used to create biodegradable plastics? Researchers continue to impress with new and innovative feedstocks in the gold rush to create additional sustainable technologies and innovations.

NBC Bay Area: Company Methane To Create Biodegradable Plastics
Barron’s: Good Company: Restore Foodware’s Plan To Harness Methane To Replace Plastic
Business Insider: A Mexican Company Is Turning Leftover Avocado Pits Into Biodegradable Silverware
EIN: Green Boom’s USDA Certified Biobased Absorbents Clean Up Oil Spills And Eliminate Landfill Plastic
The Western Producer: Bioplastic May Offer Industry New Use For Canola Meal
Packaging Europe: Searching For Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Mono-Materials And More
Technology Networks: Sustainable Food Science: Converting Food Waste Into Useful Products
Phys.Org: Fungal Wearables And Devices: Biomaterials Pave The Way Toward Science Fiction Future
Green Car Congress: DOE Announces $8M For Projects To Develop Algae-Based CO2 Utilization


Every great invention and new commitment to sustainability, no matter how small, makes a difference to our planet. Yet we also recognize that a handful of global companies and well-recognized brands can have an outsized impact due to their incredible reach and undeniable influence. Even small moves by these enormous companies can make big waves – so we tip our hat to each of these efforts.

WWD: Gucci To Unveil Nature Positive Climate Strategy
Environmental + Energy Leader: World’s Largest McDonald’s Franchisee To Replace Plastic Food Tray With Sustainable Alternative
Business Green: Green Beans: Heinz Heats Up Sustainable Packaging Push
Edie: Nestlé Reduces Plastic From Cereal Packaging And Rolls Out Paper Smarties Packs Worldwide
Waste 360: University Of California To Eliminate Unnecessary Plastics By 2030


Blackrock, one of the world’s largest institutional investors and thus a powerhouse when it comes to corporate environmental stewardship, made a major announcement recently, working to pressure companies on climate issues. Meanwhile, we have a number of stories that look at trends in sustainable finance, including a new fund from Ironman (Robert Downey, Jr).

The New York Times($): BlackRock Pushes New Climate Goal For Corporations
The Washington Post($): A Surge In Green Financing Boosts Climate Businesses
GreenBiz: Sustainable Investing Is Changing Global Supply Chains: 4 Key Takeaways
GreenBiz: Welcome To A New Era Of ESG And Sustainable Finance
Fast Company: Robert Downey Jr. Launches Venture Funds To Invest In Sustainable Technology
Live Mint: An ‘Ocean Fund’ Aims To Scale Up Circular Economy
Packaging News: PulPac Raises Additional Capital To ‘Revolutionize Sustainable Packaging’
Business Green: Tesco Issues €750m Bond Linked To Science-Based Climate Goals


The Biden Administration continues to attract attention as it considers environmental policies and builds related teams (we’re rooting for a fast Vilsack confirmation). Here’s the latest on that score and others. Also, don’t miss the the story on Biden’s executive order in the third story on Ag’s role in battling climate change and the letter from Senators to e-commerce companies.

The Washington Post($): Tracking Biden’s Environmental Actions
Agri-Pulse: Biden Executive Order Seeks To Involve Ag In Battling Climate Change
River Bender: Senators To E-Commerce Companies: Reduce Plastic Packaging
Ag Daily: Ag Groups Urge Swift Confirmation Of Vilsack As Head Of USDA
CNBC: Op-ed: Biden Should Look To Regenerative Ag To Advance Climate Action
The Washington Post: Planting Crops — And Carbon, Too
Vogue Business($): What We Need From Policy: Fast-Track Sustainable Materials


…At least it should, if we’re doing it right. The circular economy is the conceptual framework that drives our industry and which can rescue us from a linear world that only creates more waste.

Circular: Circular Economy Strategies Can ‘Cut Global Emissions By 39%’
Packaging Europe: Boosting The Circularity Of Beverage Cartons
GreenBiz: Here’s What The Future Of Circular Food Looks Like
Labio Tech: Biotech Drives The Water Purification Industry Towards A Circular Economy


To fight the winter weather, PBPC Members turned up the heat on their sustainability efforts as the month of January drew to a close. Our favorite new initiatives, speaking engagements, products, and policies are below.

Biorgani: Joined A Spanish Language Webinar On Developing Plant-Based Products And Sustainability In Latin America And The Caribbean
Cargill: Creating More Sustainable Food Supply Chains With Farmers
Club Coffee: Signed The Canadian Plastics Pact 
Emerald Brand: Offers Sustainability Training For Companies Who Use Their Products 
Footprint: Drives UN Sustainable Development Goals
Futamura: Organic Farmers Using Futamura’s Cellulose Based Films
Giro Pack: A New Biobased, Compostable Packaging Solution For Apples 
Hexas BiomassShares PBPC’s Spotlight On Their Work  
NatureWorks: Explains Linear Vs Circular Material Carbon Systems 
NatureWorks: How To Make Plant-Based Plastic And Applications 
Novamont: Partnership To Demonstrate Bio-Based Polyesters 
P2 Science: New Sustainable, Plant Based Hair Care Innovation
PepsiCo: Partners With Beyond Meat To Develop More Sustainable Food System 
PepsiCo: Pepsi’s Climate Goals
Rebundle: Hair Extensions Made Out Of Banana Fiber 
RebundleRecognized As A New Innovative Business By CVC Young Innovator Awards 
SmartSolve: Creating Environmentally Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products 
Tetra Tech: Selected By USAID Sustainability Project In Zambia 
Ubuntoo: New Compostable Packaging Material Made From Brewer’s Spent Barley