PBPC Newsletter April 4, 2019

Welcome to the Plant-Based Products Council Newsletter! Here we’ll be providing the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as highlighting some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments in the sustainability and bioeconomy spaces. Enjoy!



At the end of March, PBPC Spokesperson Mary Solecki participated in an interview with Sourcing Journal to discuss PBPC’s launch and mission, as well as the organization’s role in the sustainable textiles industry. Mary was joined by Ralph Lerner, of Virent, Inc. (PBPC Member), who provided great insight on PBPC membership and Virent’s commitment to developing new sustainable materials.

Sourcing Journal: New Plant-Based Council Aims To Replace Plastics With Biomass Materials


Ellen MacArthur Foundation – New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

In October 2018, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organization working to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, launched the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. This commitment established a vision to stop plastic waste and pollution at source by applying circular economy principles.

In March, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation published the Global Commitment Spring 2019 Report, which included a new wave of signatories, including the Plant Based Products Council. PBPC is dedicated to the circular economy principles espoused in this new report:

  • Eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastic items.
  • Innovate to ensure that the plastics we do need are reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • Circulate all the plastic items we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment.

Plant-based plastics and biobased materials are an important piece of the conversation about global waste reduction, as many are compostable or biodegradable, and can serve as replacements to the traditional plastics polluting our rivers and oceans.

Press Release: Global Commitment Spring 2019 Report Launched



It’s no secret that the sustainability movement is building every day. Shoppers are increasingly looking for more eco-friendly, sustainable options on the market in efforts to do their part in protecting our environment. Luckily, PBPC’s website features an extensive Product Database with over 650 products currently available on the market.

Check out some of our favorite reads lately, from our friends at POPSUGAR putting together a list of sustainable products available on Amazon, to Sourcing Journal’s coverage of some of the same trends we found in ourMillennial Polling, and more!

POPSUGAR: These Are The 12 Best Sustainable Products You Can Find On Amazon

Sourcing Journal: Just Who, Exactly, Is The ‘Sustainable Shopper’?

Fashion Network: Sustainability Becoming An Economic Benefit For Luxury Brands 



The 2018 Farm Bill was an important achievement for Congress, as well as one that saw the legalization of industrial hemp. Hemp is a highly versatile crop with massive potential in the plant-based products space, so of course we’re excited here at PBPC!

Green Entrepreneur: 5 Other Uses For Hemp You May Not Know About

New Hope Network: Expo West Demonstrates Hemp Market’s Expansion



As consumers and environmental organizations continue to clamor for more eco-friendly products, businesses large and small are responding!

Some of our favorite recent stories highlight Starbucks’ move to greener cups and strawless lids, HP’s forest-positive pledge, and Taco Time Northwest’s commitment to compostable disposables.

Packaging World: Starbucks Unveils Greener Cups, Strawless Lids, And Mobile Traceability App
HP Press Release: HP Pledges To Make Every Page Printed Forest Positive, Carbon Neutral And Part Of A Circular Economy
Restaurant Hospitality: A Case Study For Composting: Taco Time Northwest 
North Bay Business Journal: Here’s How These North Bay Businesses Tailor Food, Beverage Packaging To Sustainability Goals
GreenBiz: Sustainability Professionals Must Shine Brighter Than Their Peers: Here’s How To Do It



Every day we see more creative innovations for products and packing derived from renewable biomass. Here are some of our favorites from the past two weeks!

Food News: Researchers Study Fungi To Turn Food Waste Into Sustainable Bioplastic

Biofuels Digest: Biobased Adhesive Gel Could Repair Eyes Without Surgery

Biofuels Digest: A Greener Red Sportscar: Clariant Launches Biobased Auto Pigment




With both China and India recently banning plastic recyclable imports, it’s becoming more important than ever for companies and consumers alike to work toward reducing our reliance on traditional single-use plastics.

We loved Mic’s tips on what to do with single-use plastics you have right now, as well as the opinion piece published by WasteDive, which takes a look at the challenges facing the US recycling industry, and how more efficient waste streams and cleaner materials (ahem – plant-based, anyone?) can help us move forward.

Mic: What To Do With Single-Use Plastic You Already Have
WasteDive: Recycling In The US Will Survive — Despite The Media Narrative
The Conversation: Wastewater Is An Asset – It Contains Nutrients, Energy And Precious Metals, And Scientists Are Learning How To Recover Them

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