PBPC Newsletter April 28, 2023

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The National Corn Growers Association has announced Consider Corn Challenge IV to find innovative new uses for U.S. corn feedstocks that will not detract from the existing corn market. Competition categories include:

  • Biobased materials from novel mixes of corn-derived plastics
  • Compostable plastics with high tensile strength, such as netting or packaging materials
  • Heavy-duty fuels or drop-in chemicals (e.g., sustainable aviation fuel; biodiesel derived from corn glucose, bunker fuel, etc.)
  • Carbon fiber
  • Other high-value molecules

A prize pool of $250,000 will be divided equally among one to six winners. The deadline for entries is June 30, 2023, at 5 p.m. CT. Learn more about the competition eligibility, success criteria, and more here.


On Apr. 24, PBPC submitted a response to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its update of the “Green Guides for the Use of Environmental Claims,” which aims to help marketers avoid making deceptive or unfair marketing claims.

In response to FTC’s inquiries, PBPC reinforced the value of the Green Guides as a central resource to help businesses qualify environmental marketing claims and recommended that the guides be updated more frequently. To bring further clarity to the guides’ existing guidance on renewable content claims, PBPC suggested that the term “biobased” be added with a definition consistent with USDA’s BioPreferred® Voluntary Labeling Initiative’s “biobased product.”


PBPC advocates for a shift toward a more circular bioeconomy through greater adoption of renewable, plant-based materials supported by appropriate end-of-life infrastructure. The 2023 Farm Bill presents an opportunity for the U.S. to demonstrate leadership in growing a domestic bioeconomy that includes biobased products. Below are PBPC’s priorities for advancing the biobased products industry through the 2023 Farm Bill. We’ll keep you updated on these items’ progress as Congress moves through the Farm Bill process.

  • Establish Uniform Definitions for Common Biobased Product Terminology
  • Moderize USDA’s BioPreferred Program
  • Create NAICS codes for Biobased Product Manufacturing
  • Establish Grants for Pilot/Pre-Commercial Phase Biorefinery Development
  • Enhance USDA Funding for Composting Infrastructure

In the meantime, if you share these goals sign up to join the fight to advance bioproducts’ role in this year’s Farm Bill! We’ll keep you updated on our latest initiatives and opportunities for you to get involved. With your help, we can fully tap into the many benefits that renewable products offer. Join the fight here.


PBPC recently became a member of the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit driving positive action on climate change across the fashion, textile, and apparel industry. PBPC will be actively participating in the group’s Biosynthetics Round Table to engage with the textile industry to explore the opportunities and challenges of sustainable feedstock production for biosynthetics. If you have any questions about PBPC’s work with the Textile Exchange or would like to learn more, please visit textileexchange.org


Interested in becoming a PBPC member? All PBPC members receive a variety of benefits that provide their organization a voice in Washington, while helping them stay up to date on the latest policy developments, communicate with their audiences, access valuable insights, and more. Tiered membership levels are available to fit the needs of any member of the plant-based products supply chain. Visit our website or reach out to PBPC’s Keniece Barbee to learn more.


Almost every day we see new developments in the plant-based products space. Here are a few of our favorites that provide insights on the industry today and what’s ahead for circular innovations.

The Wall Street Journal: Lululemon’s Climate Goals Hinge on Replacing Oil With Plants

CNN: Unless Collective The Degenerate review: The coolest plant-based shoe we’ve worn

USA TODAY: 18 brands giving back for Earth Day 2023

As more consumers seek environmentally friendly products, corporations are adapting to meet these demands through more sustainable solutions. Here are some of the top stories covering these trends and providing insights on the latest industry news.

GreenBiz: Earth Day and the polling of America, 2023

CNN: Is shopping at Amazon sustainably possible? Kind of. Here’s how

The Atlantic: Conservation Tends to Ignore the Most Common Type of Life


With environmental reform being a top priority for the Biden Administration, there are constantly new developments in the regulatory space on the issue. Here are a few of the top happenings in the Administration, on Capitol Hill, and in the U.S. legal landscape.

Recycling Today: US EPA releases draft of strategy to prevent plastic pollution

Packaging World: Biden Order Aims to Replace 90% Fossil-based Plastics with Bio-based Polymers

Reuters: US EPA calls for testing of oil derived from plastic waste

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Protecting the Earth Through Climate-Smart Agriculture and Technologies


The dedicated work of our members toward a more sustainable future never ceases to amaze us. From setting sweeping environmental commitments, to partnering with others to make sustainable solutions more accessible, to launching new plant-based materials. Below, find some of the impressive work of our members over the last weeks.

Braskem: Wilson Launches Gen Green Collection Of Equipment

Cargill: Four Cargill Innovations Win the Prestigious 2023 Edison Awards™

Danimer Scientific: Danimer Scientific and TotalEnergies Corbion create bioplastic coffee capsules

Danimer Scientific: Danimer Scientific Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange to Celebrate Earth Week

NatureWorks: NatureWorks introduces new Ingeo biopolymer solution for improved softness and strength in biobased nonwovens for hygiene applications

PepsiCo: PepsiCo Debuts New Customer Sustainability Platform

Smile Compostable Solutions: Smile’s Home Compostable Coffee Pod Named Finalist For 2023 US Plastics Pact Award

Virent: Fashion for Good Selects Twelve Innovators for 2023 Innovation Programme