PBPC Newsletter April 15, 2021

Welcome to the Plant Based Products Council Newsletter! Read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world!

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On April 1, to ensure PBPC’s longevity and success, we officially made the transition to a dues-paying membership structure. While this newsletter remains free to all, if your organization missed the April 1 deadline, we are continuing to accept members at a variety of engagement levels. Membership benefits include opportunities to serve on our Board of Directors, gain access to our annual consumer research insights, and follow our policy work.  New supporting member categories now provide non-voting benefits to individuals, universities, associations, and research institutes. And thank you to all who have successfully made the transition.

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President Biden officially unveiled his sweeping infrastructure plan and the press reports have come fast and furious, many of them focusing on green jobs and environmental benefits, including cutting CO2 emissions. Below are some of the best.

The Washington Post: White House Unveils $2 Trillion Infrastructure And Climate Plan
The New York Times: Inside The Biden Infrastructure Plan
The Economist: Joe Biden’s Climate Gamble
Bloomberg Green: Why Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is A Green Jobs Plan


The fish have arrived and they’re ready to take their place in the bioplastics market. Yes, we have “plant” in our name, but we are excited to see the science of bioplastics expand, especially when the source materials would otherwise be considered waste. Also below: bio-based coatings and succulents as feedstocks.

Popular Science: Old Fish Bones Could Make The Eco-Friendly Plastic
The Fish Site: Salmon Waste To Bioplastic
The Week: Scientists Make Bioplastic Using Fish Waste
Nanotechnology: Making Cleaner, Greener Plastics From Waste Fish Parts
European Coatings: Bright Future For Bio-Based Coatings 
Anthropocene: Bioplastic Made From Wood Waste Is Durable Yet Degradable
The Beet: Oxford University Student Creates A Vegan Leather From Succulents


Companies large and small are moving toward new sustainable packaging and new sustainable company goals. The trend holds true at massive companies like Mars Wrigley and smaller food packaging firms – but the results are the same – better products for a better planet.

Waste 360: Why Mars Wrigley is Turning to Compostable Packaging and Future Ambitions
Green Biz: Netflix’s Behind-The-Scenes Script For Achieving Net-Zero
Innovation Origins: Bio2Bottle – The Durable And Biodegradable Bio-Plastic Bottle
Fresh Fruit Portal: Berries Pride Introduces New Sustainable Packaging
The Produce News: Lipman To Showcase Compostable Packaging At Southern Exposure
Plastics Today: Compostable Bioplastic Food Wrap, Resealable Bags Launch In US 


Traditional plastic packaging made from petroleum continues to be a major threat to our environment. As a result, the packaging industry receives an exceptional amount of attention in our sector. The following stories cover trends, innovations, and problems in the packaging industry, and highlight where biobased materials can improve sustainability.

Waste 360: The Demand For Sustainable Packaging Is Growing
Packaging World: 15 Sustainable Packaging Innovations To Watch
Triple Pundit: What to Expect from Sustainable Packaging Innovation in 2021
Salon: Are Supermarkets Doing Enough To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste? 
Environment + Energy Leader: New Recycling Realities For (Paper) Packaging
Packaging Europe: The Role Of Packaging In The Healthcare E-Commerce Boom
The New York Times: Opinion: Amazon Uses a Lot of Plastic. It Doesn’t Have To.


As more industries seek to become more responsible stewards of our planet, circular pathways for goods are key to sustainability. The US Plastics Pact examines serious packaging and recycling changes while chemical recycling of plastics faces opposition in the form of the new federal legislation, the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act. PBPC is an activator in the Pact–advocating for bio-based content playing a larger role in the future of plastics packaging. 

Plastics News: US Plastic Pact Eyes Major Changes In Packaging
Plastics Recycling Update: Chemical Recycling Now At The Center Of National Plastics Debate


Wow. Some headlines grab you, and this Bloomberg Green story has our attention – examining how emissions could destroy biodiversity worldwide. Then, USA Today clobbers us with the 3 million years metric. Our industry is doing its best to confront these pernicious trends.

Bloomberg Green: Current Emissions Put The World On Track For Biodiversity Collapse
USA Today: COVID-19 Hasn’t Slowed Global Warming: Carbon Dioxide Highest In Over 3 Million Years


From the team that brings you stories about plastic eating worms and microbes, we now offer plastic eating fungi. Move over my wriggly, invertebrate friends, the mushroom family wants a seat at the plastic buffet. From the same story (and contest) we also have mussels that filter ocean bioplastics. Nature to the rescue.

PlaceTech: Plastic-Eating Fungi Developed In Waitrose’s £1m Sustainability Challenge


Our members continue to show their sustainability commitments each newsletter, offering an impressive array of products and programs designed to improve our environment. Below, among our favorites, are entries on soil health, education on sustainability product labels, and details on how plant-based feedstocks can be utilized to create a range of green chemicals and products like polyurethanes, polyesters, polycarbonates, coatings, and epoxy.

PBPC: Commercial News Prints PBC Letter On Circular Economy
ADM: Video On ADM’s Sustainable Energy Investments
Cargill: The Importance Of Soil Health
Cargill: Working With Farmers On Carbon Sequestration In Soil
Cargill: New Sustainable Salmon Program
Footprint: Video On Durability Of Their Bio-Based Beverage Rings
Footprint: CEO Speaking At Materials Webinar On May 19th
Futamura: Chosen To Supply Their Candy Wrappers
Futamura: Sustainable Packaging News On Compostable Lollipop Wrappers
Green Dot Bioplastics: Shared PBPC’s Consumer Research Report
Green Dot Bioplastics: Bioplastics 101 Video
NatureWorks: Advance The UN Sustainable Development Goals In Oregon
Novolex: Three Pillars Of Sustainability
Novamont: Guide On Sustainability Product Labels
P2 Science: Call To Action In Support Of The USDA’s Biopreferred Program
P2 Science: New Plant Based Aroma Chemical
P2 Science: New Product In The Citrovisc Line
Roquette: Plant Based Polyurethanes, Polyesters, Polycarbonates, Coatings & Epoxy
SmartSolve: Quarterly Report On Their Progress And New Innovations