Back to School 2020: Educational Resources on Recycling, Composting, and the Circular Bioeconomy

With many students learning from home or socially distanced in a classroom, going back to school looks a lot different this year. If your kids are interested in learning more about recycling, composting, and other aspects of the circular bioeconomy, we have gathered some educational resources you can use for after-school activities or as a supplement to your at-home curriculum.


While recycling alone can’t solve our plastic problem, it’s a great first step in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are some resources that can help kids learn about recycling:


Composting isn’t just a great way to divert food waste from landfills and improve soil quality, it’s also a great activity to do with your kids! Here are some resources for kids to use to learn about the process and help start your own composting bin:

Circular Bioeconomy

Adopting a circular bioeconomy can help us reduce traditional plastic use, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways. Teach your kids about the importance of the circular bioeconomy, as well as the numerous benefits it provides, with the resources below:

We hope these resources can help your kids learn about the importance of sustainability and put them on the right track toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

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