Citra Klear

If we asked you to find a product that could clean floors as well as keep drains clear of grease, could you name one? Probably not until you’ve heard of CITRA KLEAR from Share. This remarkable product is so versatile, you can clean in, on and around your sink with the same product. Pour it full strength down drains to dissolve grease and slime build-up in less than an hour. To give CITRA KLEAR such cleaning diversity, it was developed with a special citrus extract which powers its way through filth and grime, yet remains safe on virtually every surface it comes in contact with. Mix it with water to create a solution you can use to clean surrounding sink basins, countertops, floors and even walls. Why rely on multiple cleaning products to serve your purposes? Instead, use the one multi-purpose cleaner that does it all – CITRA KLEAR from Share.