6″ Heavy Weight Wheat Teaspoons, Case of 1,000

These 32 oz. PLA or corn-based plastic lined Food Containers are made from quality SFI certified paperboard and can be used to serve both hot and cold dishes with ease. BPI certified compostable, these containers are a wonderful eco-friendly option and are made from paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. Disposable to help reduce cleanup time, they are also microwave and freezer safe for maximum convenience. The lids are produced from CPLA or modified PLA and are sold separately. 2 sizes of lids are available to accommodate containers.

Material: SFI Certified Paperboard
Color: White
Food Handling: Cold Foods or Hot Foods
Microwave Safe: Yes
Freezer Safe: Yes
Ecological: Disposable, Compostable, Paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests
Certifications: BPI Certified Compostable, ASTM D6400, Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)