3 Compartment Large Hot Meal Hospital Tray

3 Compartment “Hospital” Pulp Molded Food Tray- Size: 10-1/2 X 9 X 2-1/2 with 3/8″ flange around outside top perimeter. Material: Molded pulp composed of 75-80 % of wood pulp , 15% of bagasse and 5-10 % of Bamboo, also, 9% transparent PET laminated liner on the inside and outer top flange of the tray. The tray is Microwavable & Ovenable up to 400F for 30 minutes and longer durations at lower temperatures. Tray Compartment cavities approximate volumes are 1000cc / 375cc / 360cc. Tray flange has PET liner for film lidding purposes. Color: Beige Case Pack: 300 Trays