10.25″ Clear Paper Wrapped Giant PLA Straws, Case of 3,600

These 10.25″ Giant PLA straws are made from sustainable corn-based plastic. These durable straws are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws and are paper wrapped, making them great for use with takeout orders. Paper wrapped straws can easily be placed in takeout containers and bags and will keep straws sanitary prior to use. These straws cannot withstand high temperatures and should not exceed 113 degrees F. Stylish, they are great for sipping milkshakes, floats, smoothies, and other thick beverages.

Material: PLA
Size: 10.25″
Width: 7.37mm
Wrap: Paper Wrapped
Ecological: Made from sustainable resources, Compostable
Recommended Uses: Milkshakes, Floats, Smoothies, Thick Beverages
Certifications: ASTM D6400