PBPC Newsletter September 3, 2021

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PBPC Newsletter August 20, 2021

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The recent introduction of the COMPOST Act is an important step toward a greener and more innovative waste reduction and recovery system for our country. Consider adding your voice by clicking the button below. Your support will show lawmakers the importance of increasing access to robust programs that divert compostable materials, including food scraps, yard trimmings, and certified compostable packaging.  As part of the US Composting Infrastructure Coalition (USCIC), PBPC is helping lead the charge in support of the bill to ensure a circular path for certified compostable plant-based materials.

We’ve made it easy to ask your legislator to support the COMPOST Act. Just click the button below and fill out the form.  In addition, if your company or organization is interested in showing support for the bill, please reach out to PBPC’s Kent Roberson.


In our latest Setting the Record Straight blog post, we’re clarifying the misconception that all plant-based or biobased materials are biodegradable and compostable. Products can be biobased without being biodegradable or biodegradable without being compostable. And while all compostable products are biodegradable, all biodegradable products are not compostable.

PBPC believes in the value of bringing awareness to these definitions and the nuances of different disposal procedures. Consumers care about the environment, and want to take advantage of greener, more sustainable options. Supporting education initiatives will empower consumers to support the appropriate end-of-life methods and help transition to a more circular economy.

Learn more at our blog here.


On Thursday, October 7 at 3 PM Eastern, join PBPC members and allies for a briefing hosted by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). FAS links U.S. agriculture to the world to enhance export opportunities and global food security. In addition to its Washington, D.C. staff, FAS has a global network of nearly 100 offices covering approximately 180 countries. These offices are staffed by agricultural attachés and locally hired agricultural experts who are the eyes, ears, and voice for U.S. agriculture around the world. FAS staff identify problems, provide practical solutions, and work to advance opportunities for U.S. agriculture and support U.S. foreign policy around the globe.

During the briefing, participants will have a chance to hear from USDA officials on the many FAS-led opportunities and programs that can help promote American plant-based products on the global marketplace. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to PBPC’s Keniece Barbee for more information.


Almost every day we see new developments in the plant-based space. Here are a few of our favorites that provide insights on the industry today and what’s ahead for circular innovations.

Fast Company: Move Over, Yeti. This Stylish Cooler Is Made From Coconuts

Financial Times: Shroom Boom: Could Mycelium Replace Leather?

Technology Networks: Compostable Food Packaging Created That Still Prevents Grease Seepage


As more consumers seek environmentally-friendly products, corporations are adapting to meet these demands through sustainable packaging solutions. Here are some of the top stories covering these trends and providing insights on the latest industry news.

The New York Times: The Cotton Tote Crisis

Forbes: Three Misconceptions About Sustainability And Plastics

USA Today: Chobani Ditches Plastic Yogurt Cups For New Paper Cup With ‘Thin Plastic Lining’


With environmental reform being a top priority for the Biden administration, there are constantly new developments in the regulatory space on the issue. Here are a few of the top happenings on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. legal landscape.

National Law Review: Congress Presses Forward On PFAS Measures

Bloomberg Law: DOE Urged To Weigh Environmental Inequity From U.S. Ethane Boom

Waste Dive: Supporters Planning National Bottle Bill Legislation Separate From Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act


The dedicated work of our members toward a more sustainable future never ceases to amaze us. From setting sweeping environmental commitments, to partnering with others to make sustainable solutions more accessible, to launching new plant-based materials. Below, find some of the impressive work of our members over the last two weeks.

ADM: ADM and Marathon Petrol Agree to Collaborate on Renewable Diesel and Explore Other Ways to Support Sustainability 

CargillCombatting Climate Change with Regenerative Agriculture

CargillHow We Build a More Sustainable Soy Supply Chain 

Danimer ScientificWinchester, KY, Plant to Commercially Manufacture Nodax PHA 

Ingredion: Simplify Labels and Satisfy Consumers with Clean Label Ingredients

Footprint: Podcast: Recycling Misconceptions with Footprint

Natureworks: Introducing BioPlastics Week 2021

Novamont: B-FERST Project: Novamont Partners with European Project Aimed at Integrating the Valorisation of Biowaste with Circular and Bio-Based Value Chains