PBPC Newsletter May 26, 2021

Welcome to the Plant Based Products Council Newsletter! If you have friends or colleagues interested in our industry, please forward this to them. Then, read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world. If you missed our last edition, check it out using the below link. 

PBPC Newsletter May 13, 2021

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The Plant Based Products Council welcomes Alex Buck of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Doug Kunnemann of NatureWorks, and Frank Schuster of Smile Beverage Werks to our Board of Directors. We are thrilled to have representation on our board from different areas across our value chain.

PBPC: Press Release


PBPC is expanding its team. We are seeking a Director of Strategic Communications and a Senior Manager for Government Relations. Both roles will work across the full portfolio of PBPC issues while also supporting our sister organization, CRA. Want to learn more, or know someone who might be a good fit?

PBPC: Director of Strategic Communications
PBPC: Senior Manager for Government Relations


Major players are offering funding for sustainable innovators. Corona has launched an innovation fund to support the development of plastic free beer packaging. And, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Colgate-Palmolive have all joined AB InBev’s accelerator to fund sustainable start-ups. Meanwhile, Amazon funds clean energy and sustainability projects. Those stories and more below.

KFGO: Amazon Raises $1 Billion Sustainable Bond For Climate, Social Causes
Retail Times: Corona Launches ‘Plastic-Free Challenge’
Edie:  Unilever, Coca-Cola, And Colgate-Palmolive Join AB InBev’s Sustainability Accelerator
The Wall Street Journal: Central Banks Jump Into Climate-Change Policy Fray
Vogue: Tom Ford Launches a $1.2 Million Prize to Find a Biologically Degradable Alternative to Poly Bags
Reuters: U.S. Lawmakers To Propose Tax Credit For Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Biden made progress on ambitious climate goals this week. In a throwback to FDR, Biden proposed a Civilian Climate Corps to employ young people to tackle pollution and sustainability. Biden is repealing the Benefits-Cost Rule, which will allow EPA can once again issue strict standards on air pollution as a part of a broader move away from fossil fuels. Also, the bar gets raised on energy standards for federal buildings.

NPR: Biden Proposes A Civilian Climate Corps
CNBC: Biden To Roll Back Trump-Era Rule On Clean Air Regulations
The Washington Post: Biden Announces New Energy Star Standards
Bloomberg Law: Biden Fight Against Climate Financial Risk


Bacteria that can help the planet? You bet. One team of scientists engineered bacteria to clean up ocean plastics and another team to improve the sustainability of the biofuel production process. Plus, protein-based coatings on plant-based food packaging are food safe for a wide variety of products, and popcorn makes an excellent alternative to Styrofoam for shipping and packing fragile goods.

The Washington Post: Scientists Say This E. Coli Could Be Good For The Planet
Genetic Literacy Project:  Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Packaging Could Dramatically Reduce Microplastic Pollution
Science Daily: Engineered Bacteria Show Promise For Sustainable Biofuel Industry
EurekAlert!: Popcorn! Packaging For The Future?
Food Processing: Popcorn Packaging: An Alternative To Polystyrene
Acrofan: A Kind Of Magic – Cosmetics Packaging Without Microplastic Pollution
GreenBiz: 5 Companies Using Nature To Redefine Good Design
Plastics In Packaging: Avantium In Sweet Deal For Plant-Based Glycol
Packaging World: Plastic-Free Deodorant & Body Care Refill System Launched


This is an amazing week for sustainability wins. Amazon begins their work to shrink their carbon footprint. Lego and Matchbox go sustainable for toy packaging and are developing bio-plastic toys. Tech giants Microsoft and Dell make sustainable pledges. Those stories and other major brand sustainable shifts below.

GeekWire: Amazon Begins To Shrink The Carbon Footprint Of Its Devices
ABC 4: Lego To Ditch Plastic Bags For Paper Ones In Its Boxed Sets
Waste 360: Matchbox Advances New Sustainable Package and Product Designs
GameSpot: Microsoft Commits To Sustainable Packaging Goals
Business Today: Dell Bets Big On Recycling
Packaging Gateway: El Pollo Loco Replaces Styrofoam
Environment + Energy Leader: Walmart To Cut Virgin Plastic Use
S&P Global: Walmart To Cut Virgin Plastic Usage By By 2025
Plastics Recycling Update: Corporate Giants Get Some Help As They Rethink Plastics Use
Edie: Absolut Replaces Plastics From Bottle Necks


With an ever-accelerating cycle in fashion trends, the industry struggles with sustainability. But there’s hope. Major sustainability moves are happening on a materials level. For example, thread-maker Coats has developed a biodegradable thread, while denim manufacturers shift to recycled jeans. Plus, the debut of biodegradable tights. Meanwhile, personal stylists make sustainable shifts.

Sourcing Journal: Coats Embarks On Biodegradable Thread
Waste360: Billi London Sells Fully Biodegrade Synthetic Tights
Vogue Business: Even Personal Stylists Are Sustainable Now
World Economic Forum: What Is ‘Circular Denim’
Green Biz: Automating Textile Waste Will Change The Game For Clothing Recycling


Researchers say circular strategies are often left out when brands are developing their sustainability goals. Plus, Pacific Island Nations band together to form a plastic pact. The food sector and beer brewing industry boost their circular strategies, and wastewater gets converted into raw chemicals for circular applications.

GreenBiz: Calculating The Carbon Footprint Of Circular Strategies
Ellen MacArthur Foundation: First Plastic Pact In The Pacific Region
Forbes: Food: A Circular Economy Investment Opportunity
Grist: Sustainable Brewing May Provide A Model For A Circular Economy
Nanowerk News:  Circular Economy Products From Industrial Wastewater
Waste Management World: Circular Economy Products Developed From Industrial Wastewater


Whether engaging in new partnerships, winning awards, or delivering on their sustainability commitments, the impactful work of PBPC’s members never ceases. Below, find some of their most impressive efforts from the last two weeks.

ADM: One Million Tons Of Carbon Captured At Plant
Cargill: Cocoa Sustainability Progress
Cargill: Improving Sustainability Of Rainforest Cocoa
Danimer Scientific: Study: Customers & Purpose Driven Brands
Danimer Scientific: OpEd On Viability Of PHA As A Alternative To Plastic
Danimer Scientific: PHA Added To Their Sustainable Materials Portfolio
Eco-Products: Partnership To Provide Sustainable Packaging Solutions To Australia And New Zealand
Footprint: Co-Founders’ Stories And Lessons Learned
Footprint: Video On Their Work For A Plastic Free Future
Footprint: CEO Featured As Credit Suisse “Pioneer For Progress”
Futamura: Film Used By Seed And Bean Fair Trade Chocolate
Futamura: Press Release On Their Compostable Films For Candy Wrappers
Futamura: Supplier Analysis On Compostables With Director Of Marketing
Ingredion: 2020 Sustainability Progress Report
National Corn Growers Association: Corn Utilization And Technology Conference
NatureWorks: CEO Spoke At Re-thinking Materials Summit
NatureWorks: May Ingeo Newsletter
PepsiCo: Recognized As One Of 3BL Media’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens
Roquette: Video On Polymers From Corn
SmartSolve: 5 Uses For Water Soluble Labels
TIPA: Joined Re-thinking Materials Summit
TIPA: Joins European Compost Network
TIPA: Visual Website On The Lifecycle Of Food For Kids
TIPA: Provides Compostable Garment Bags To TV Shows