PBPC Newsletter May 13, 2021

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PBPC is excited to announce the launch of the US Composting Infrastructure Coalition. The coalition, which PBPC led the formation of, serves to support innovative and responsible waste reduction solutions like composting and advocates for policies, legislation, and other measures to increase accessibility of composting for people across the US. To find out more about the coalition and how you can join our efforts to advocate for robust composting infrastructure, click below. 

US Composting Infrastructure Coalition: Website
Composting Awareness Week: The Benefits Of Composting
Waste Dive: Composting Infrastructure Coalition Seeks Hundreds Of Millions For Federal Grants, Loans
Resource RecyclingGroup Forms To Lobby For Composting
Recycling Product News: New Coalition Advocating For Expansion Of Composting Infrastructure
Construction and DemolitionCoalition To Advocate For Composting Investments
Waste360NWRA Announces Formation Of US Composting Coalition
Waste TodayCoalition To Advocate For Composting Investments


PBPC is expanding its team. We are seeking a Director of Strategic Communications and a Senior Manager for Government Relations. Both roles will work across the full portfolio of PBPC issues while also supporting our sister organization, CRA. Want to learn more, or know someone who might be a good fit?

PBPC: Director of Strategic Communications
PBPC: Senior Manager for Government Relations


We are thrilled to see new technologies and innovations in our value chain. Water bottles from textile waste, coconut wastewater that grows bacteria-based leather, and chairs from hemp are all recognized at the Renewable Materials Conference. Plus, engineers at UC Berkley highlight a method by which bioplastics can break down in a matter of weeks with heat and water. Those stories and more below.

Waste Management World: Three Plant-based Technologies Nominated For Innovation Award
Canadian Plastics: A Faster Way To Degrade Compostable Plastics Using Water And Heat
Green Matters: Scientists Develop New Compostable Bioplastic
Popular Mechanics: How Tiny Ocean Microorganisms Could Kill Your Plastic Fork
Triple Pundit: Infinitely Recyclable Plastic On The Horizon With Next-Gen Polymers


Food giants are making major sustainability moves. Breweries large and small make the shift to biodegradable packaging, boost recycling programs, and support conservation efforts. Meanwhile, Burger King has unveiled plant-based packaging and straws and Kroger launches a new initiative to recycle plastics.

Thrillist: These Breweries Are Taking Eco-Friendly Packaging To A New Level
CNN Business: This Is What Burger King’s Experimental New Packaging Looks Like
CityBeat: Kroger Introduces New Program To Recycle Plastics And Packaging
BBC: Food Giants Respond To Worries Over Packaging 
Slash Gear: Shape Changing Pasta Starts Out Flat For More Sustainable Packaging
The Hill: Opinion: Tackling Climate Challenge Through Food And Agricultural Innovation


Consumers are demanding compostable packaging and the industry is responding. Wheat husks, cornstarch, and potatoes are all feedstocks now being used in new packaging innovations. Plus, edible packaging from agricultural leftovers wins an award. We are excited to see this kind of continued growth and expansion across our industry.

Yanko Design: These Sustainable Single-Use Takeout Containers Made From Wheat Husk Are Fully Compostable
Positive.News: ‘A Disruptive Solution To Pollution’: Introducing Edible Packaging
Fresh Plaza: Australian Couple Markets World First Compostable Potato-Based Cling Wrap, Pallet Wrap
Fresh Plaza: New, Sustainable, Customized Snack Veggie Packaging
Fresh Plaza: Fully Compostable Packaging For Sustainable Tomatoes


The beauty industry has long wrestled with their plastic waste problem. As consumers call for increased sustainability and become discerning about packaging labeled “sustainable,” companies across the beauty industry are looking for innovative solutions that will build consumer trust. Our industry presents a solution to beauty’s packaging problems.

Beauty Packaging: A Growing Responsibility For Sustainable Packaging
WWD: How P&G Beauty’s International Perspective Spurs Packaging Innovation
Cosmetics Design: Plastic Pollution: A ‘Wicked Problem’ For Sustainable Beauty


The circular economy must be at the heart of the way we build back in a post-Covid world. Industry leaders and governments alike recognize a circular economy is the way forward and are working to develop guidance on shifting to a circular model.

Packaging World: Assisting Companies Moving Toward A Circular Economy
Forbes: The Circular Economy And Why It’s Good For Business
Engineering News: Circular Economy At Heart Of Economic Recovery
The Hill (Op-Ed): Circular Economy Infrastructure Will Build Value For All Americans


Even as businesses and governments make circular moves and develop new biomaterials, the problems with plastic persist. While some microplastics can be caught, the type of plastic in conventional plastic bags proves challenging to capture. Single use plastics are found in rivers, the air, and the deepest part of our oceans.

EurekAlert: Researchers Find How Tiny Plastics Slip Through The Environment
Technology Networks: Single-Use Plastics Found At The Deepest Points Of The Ocean
Standard-Examiner: Guest Op-Ed: Is That A Bird Or A Plastic Bag? Soon We Won’t Be Able To Tell The Difference
Recycling International: Thousand Rivers Deliver Lion’s Share Of Ocean Plastic Pollution, Claim Scientists


We are heartened to see new efforts to address methane emissions. Reducing methane emissions will help slow climate change and our industry can be a part of the solution – first, as petroleum extraction is one of the major culprits of methane emissions and second as composting food waste and plant-based packaging reduces methane emissions for landfills.

The Washington Post: Swift Action To Cut Methane Emissions Could Slow Earth’s Warming By 30 Percent
CNBC: Cut Methane Emissions To Avoid Worst Of Climate Change, UN Says
The New York Times: Emissions Cuts Could Drop The Impact Of Melting Ice On Oceans By Half
The New York Times: Senate To Reinstate Obama-Era Controls On Climate-Warming Methane
The Washington Post: Senate Votes To Restore Obama-Era Limits On Methane Gas Emissions


Pollution and climate change have a greater impact on many people of color. Addressing climate change is not just an environmental issue—it’s a human rights issue as well, say many advocates. Leaders at EPA are calling for climate justice to be at the center of the fight against climate change.

Plastics Recycling Update: EPA Leader Connects Recycling And Environmental Justice
BBC: Carbon: How Calls For Climate Justice Are Shaking The World
The New York Times: People Of Color Breathe More Hazardous Air
Canadian Biomass: Indigenous Forestry Proposals Advance Canada’s Bioeconomy


Whether engaging in new partnerships, winning awards, or delivering on their sustainability commitments, the impactful work of PBPC’s members never ceases. Below, find some of their most impressive efforts from the last two weeks.

ADM: Partners With CETEDI To Plant Trees In Paraguay
ADM: Joined The Cool Farm Alliance
Cargill: The Importance Of Regenerative Ag
Cargill:  Cocoa And Forest Restoration Initiative
Cargill: Uses Feed To Produce Seafood More Sustainably
Eco-Products: Sustainability Progress Report
Footprint: CEO Interviewed By PBS Newshour
Footprint: Testing Efficacy Of Their Plastic-free Cooler
Footprint: Reducing Plastic Use
Futamura: Infographic Their Cellulose Films Biodegradability 
Futamura: Partners With Cosmetics Brand Innerbark On Plant-Based Packaging
Green Dot Bioplastics: Bioplastic Research And Development
National Corn Growers Association: Extending The Uses Of Corn
NatureWorks: Perfecting Bio-Plastic Coffee Pods
NatureWorks: Re-thinking Materials Webinar
NatureWorks: Joins Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association
NatureWorks: Partnership With IMA For Compostable Coffee Pods
Novamont: Speaks On Importance Of Composting
Novamont: Aims To Close The Loop For AHP Waste
P2 Science: Launches New Perfume Ingredient
Roquette: Plant-Based Polymers And Plastics
SmartSolve: Three Advantages of Bio-based Packaging
SmartSolve:  4 Industries Ripe For Water Soluble Packaging
TIPA: The Slow Fashion Revolution
TIPA: Speaks At Compostable Packaging Event
TIPA: Joins Australia And New Zealand Plastics Pact