PBPC Newsletter February 18, 2021

Read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world! If you missed our last edition, check it out using the link below.

PBPC Newsletter February 4, 2021

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It’s been a minute since we’ve highlighted our organization’s continuing expansion, and so without further ado, allow us to share some of the impressive names that now fill our roster. In December, we welcomed Clearwater PaperEarth-To-GoGenecisGiro Pack, Inc., and Nectr Bottle Co / Living Alchemy to our ranks.

And PBPC’s membership has continued to grow since the implementation of our new membership structure at the start of 2021, with new members Danimer Scientific, Eco-Products/Novolex, Iowa Corn Promotion Board, National Corn Growers Association, and SmartSolve joining up. Thanks to all of our new members. And if your organization would like to learn more about joining, find us at the link below. 
PBPC: Membership Inquiry


Around the world, engineers, chemists, and others who daily don their white lab coats labor to improve the state of our planet, often working in obscurity. We’d like to shine a light on their efforts and offer a resounding “Thanks!” In this issue, we have new bio-composites put to new uses, new molecules, and new uses for soy.

WindPower Monthly‘First’ Natural Fiber Nacelle Built For Offshore Wind Turbines
Daily PrincetonianNew Plastic With Potential To Be ‘Infinitely Recycled’
AgriNewsFinding Additional Uses For Soy


Survey after survey makes clear that consumers are demanding more sustainable products and corporate policies. But brands big and small must take the next step and deliver better products and new improvements in the way they do business. Here are a few of the latest products, initiatives, and trends in response to consumer demand.

Food Dive: Anheuser-Busch To Spend On Sustainability In Us Plants
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Land O’Lakes Launches Carbon-Trading Program For Farmers
The Washington Post: George Washington University Commits To Single-Use-Plastic Ban
Boston Globe: Sustainable Takeout Containers A Growing Trend
Western Producer: Dunkin’ Donuts Straws Go PHA Bioplastic
Recycling International: P&G Unveils Refillable Paper Packaging
Intelligent Living: Eco-Friendly Styrofoam-Alternative Made From Paper Waste
Waste360: Tom’s Deodorants Get A 100% Plastic-Free New Look
The Boca Raton Tribune: Just Salad Launches Meal Kit With 91% Less Packaging
Waste360: Ecotools Introduces 100% Biodegradable Makeup Sponge


Funding is the key to any successful corporate venture, and capital flows continue to illustrate the growing importance of our industry. See how investors, hoping to drive more sustainable policies, are pressuring big banks on how they finance pollution.

American Banker($): Investors Pressure Banks On Financing Pollution
Bloomberg($): One Bank’s Entire $425 Billion Wealth Unit Is Going ESG
Forbes($): New Synthetic Biology Venture Fund


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s one of the oldest mantras of the environmental movement and the concept remains a primary pathway for improving our planet. While we may use terms like circularity, the foundational concepts remain the same.  

Wall Street Journal($): The Best Sustainable Fashion For Stylish Clothes
Reuters: Kenyan Recycles Plastic Waste Into Bricks Stronger Than Concrete
Politico: Some States Study Plastic Producer Responsibility Rules


Deep sea fish are found to have plastic in their systems, seagrass may be straining and trapping ocean plastics, and scientists examine the pros and cons of various agricultural feedstocks in bioplastics, including their country of origin and trade relationship

Natural History Museum: Microfibres Found In Deep-Sea Fish
World Economic Forum: Plastic Plucked From The Water – By Seagrass
Science Daily: Bioplastics & The Sustainability Dilemma


So glad you asked. They’ve been hard at work, launching new sustainability efforts, winning awards for their efforts, and educating consumers and policymakers. Want to learn more? You know what to do.

Accel Lifestyle: Founder Named A Top Female Innovator In The Textile Industry
Accel Lifestyle: Plant-Based Antimicrobial Fabric Now Available
ADM:  Named A Finalist In The Edie Awards For Supply Chain Excellence
BioPak: Named A Finalist In The Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards
Cargill: Helping Farmers In Turkey Convert To More Sustainable Practices
Footprint: Joining The World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community
Footprint:  Footprint Shares Their Ocean Hero Award Winners
Green Dot Bioplastics: The Versatility Of Bioplastics
Multi-Packaging Solutions/Westrock: Wins Award For Recyclable Paperboard Cup Prototype
NatureWorks: Webinar On Developing Compostable Coffee Pods
Novamont: Developing Tech To Convert Household Waste Into Biobased Products
P2 Science: Products Now EWG-Verified
P2 Science:  Sustainable Personal Care Products
PepsiCo: Founding Member Of MIT’s Climate And Sustainability Consortium
Tate & Lyle: New Environmentally Friendly Adhesives For Garments
Tetra Tech: February 16th Webinar, Making Sense Of Sustainability