PBPC Newsletter April 29, 2021

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PBPC Newsletter April 15, 2021 

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PBPC members are invited to help shape our upcoming, annual consumer survey, aimed at better understanding the public’s awareness and perception of plant-based products. Each year we release topline data to the public and reserve some data for members-only access. To get involved, PBPC members can search their inbox for an email from PBPC’s Executive Director, Jessica Bowman, or reach out to her at the link below. If you’re not a member, consider joining us for this and other worthwhile benefits.

PBPC: Jessica Bowman


PBPC is expanding its team. We are seeking a Director of Strategic Communications and a Senior Manager for Government Relations. Both roles will work across the full portfolio of PBPC issues while also supporting our sister organization, CRA. Want to learn more, or know someone who might be a good fit?

PBPC: Director of Strategic Communications
PBPC: Senior Manager for Government Relations


PepsiCo, TIPA, and Smile Beverage Werks have all joined PBPC as dues-paying members since our last newsletter. The trio reflects the broad diversity of our membership: companies both large and small, encompassing the entire plant-based product value chain, from packing companies to consumer brands and so much more.

PBPC: Members & Membership


The US is making big climate moves. Last week’s Climate Summit saw the US pledge to cut emissions in half nationwide over the next 10 years. Plant-based products can help us reach these goals by reducing our reliance on petroleum-based products. And with supporting infrastructure, compostable plant-based products can help divert food waste from landfills, avoiding methane emissions.

The Washington Post: As Biden Convenes World Leaders, U.S. Pledges To Cut Emissions Up To 52 Percent By 2030
Politico: World Whiffs On Biden’s Pleas For Bold Climate Pledges
The Washington Post: The U.S. Embarks On A Huge Climate Reset
Bloomberg Green: Biden Wants The U.S. To Lead On Climate Action
The New York Times: Amid Biden Climate Push: Is America’s Word Good?
The Washington Post: Biden Will Hold A Big Climate Summit. Not Everyone May Follow.
The New York Times: Biden’s Climate Summit Sets Up A Bigger Test Of American Power
Politico: The U.S. Is Back On Climate. Now What?


Paper wine bottles. Packaging from sugar cane. Cling-wrap made from plants. And a plant-based solution to the age-old question, “How do I keep my guacamole from going brown?” We love these stories on plant-based, sustainable innovations. 

Daily Mail: How Plants Create An Innovative Alternative To Plastic Packaging
Fresh Fruit Portal: New Sustainable Packaging Project To Extend Guacamole’s Shelf Life
Waste 360: Compostic Clings To Home Compostable Plastic Alternatives 
Waste360: A Sustainable Business Blossoms During The Pandemic
Food Dive: 8 Sustainable Packaging Innovations For Food And Beverages
Waste360: Sustainable Packaging Is Being Served in the Freezer Aisle


From sweets to shoes, big brands took big steps toward circularity. Building on their plant-based wrappers for Skittles, now Mars is making the move with Snickers. Check out more of our favorite stories below.

The National Law Review: Bioplastics: Snickers® Candy Bars Have It Wrapped Up
WWD: The Lycra Company Discusses Sustainability, Shift To Circular Economy
Packaging Gateway: Spotlight On Sustainability And Recyclability: Flexible Packaging Paper For Pouches
Cosmetics Business: Old Spice: Plastic-Free Deodorant
Environment + Energy Leader: Advil Will Reduce Plastic In Bottles 20% By 2022
Packaging Gateway: Adidas Launches Collection Partially Made From Ocean Plastic
Freshfruitportal.Com: Hellofresh Announces New Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Packaging Digest: Black Forest Takes A Forests-First Approach To Sustainable Packaging


How can we reach the Paris Agreement Goals? Or Biden’s new greenhouse pledge? It will take bold actions on the part of everyone to change to a more circular economy. Circularity offers one important solution and these stories offer the details.

World Economic Forum: 4 Ways The Circular Economy Can Help Reduce Emissions
Mirage News: Shifting To A Circular Economy Essential To Achieving Paris Agreement Goals
Earth 911: Join The Battle To Invent A Sustainable, Circular Economy
New Civil Engineer: Circular Economy Approach Is Key To Decarbonizing Use Of Steel And Concrete
GreenBiz: A Circular Approach To Electrification And Renewable Energy


Good for the environment and good for your wallet? You bet! Big investors and big business are realizing inaction on climate could cause monetary losses while seeing the upside to investing in climate solutions as a way to increase profit and attract customers

World Economic Forum: Circular Economy Transition Is A Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity For Africa
The Wall Street Journal: Shell, Exxon Look To Profit From Capturing Customers’ Carbon Emissions
Market Watch: Big Investors Ask Banks To Get Serious On Climate Change
The Washington Post: Climate Summit Leaders Hope To Catalyze A Key Ingredient: Cash
Inc. Magazine: The Circular Economy Can Actually Save You Money
The New York Times: Climate Change Could Cut World Economy By $23 Trillion In 2050
CNN: Wall Street Wakes Up To The Climate Crisis


Facebook and Google Earth both fight for public awareness of climate change. Meanwhile, Apple makes good on climate commitments.

Bloomberg Green: Facebook’s New Target In The Misinformation War: Climate Lies
The Hill: New Feature On Google Earth Shows You The Astonishing Effects of Climate Change
The Verge: Apple Launches $200 Million Fund For Climate Change


Microplastics are cycling through environments around the world as a part of the rain cycle. The causes are complicated. The solution? Researchers say we must clean up our waterways.

The Guardian: Airborne Plastic Pollution ‘Spiraling Around The Globe’, Study Finds
Science Daily: Plastic Planet: Tracking Pervasive Microplastics Across The Globe
Wired: Plastic Is Falling From The Sky. But Where’s It Coming From?


Our members aren’t just working to become environmental heroes, they help out whenever they are needed. Check out this story about ADM boats rescuing 150 people aboard a sightseeing vessel. The ship was spinning out of control after its engines went out and was likely to capsize.

ADM: 150 Sightseers Safe … Thanks To #Teamadm


Our members never cease to impress us with their achievements, partnerships, and commitments. See below for all the impactful work PBPC’s companies have undertaken over the past two weeks.

Archer Daniels MidlandPartners With 8RiversCapital On Zero Emissions Power Generation for Decatur, Illinois
Archer Daniels MidlandVideo On Certified Sustainable Products
Archer Daniels MidlandSingapore Plant-Based Innovation Lab Launch
Cargill: Study: Seaweed As A Feed Additive To Reduce Methane Emissions
Cargill: Study: Consumers Are Hopeful That Ag Can Combat Climate Change
Cargill: Work With Farmers Go Preserve And Increase Soil Health
CargillPartners With Love’s On Renewable Diesel Production
CargillProgress On Beef Up Sustainability Initiative In Partnership
Danimer ScientificPartners With Pepsi To Help Them Reduce Packaging Waste
FutamuraFeatured In Packaging Insight For Their Tomato Packaging
Futamura Cellulose Films Used By Muria Bio For Honey Candy Packaging
FutamuraStriking The Balance Between Bioplastics And Plastic
FutamuraWon Circular Advantage 2020 Industry Pioneer Award
Green Dot BioplasticsWays We Can All Be A Part Of The Change To A Greener Future
Green Dot BioplasticsSponsored A Zero Waste Fashion Show
Ingredion: Launches A Clean Labeling Progress Quiz For Businesses Adopting Clean Practices
IngredionPartners With PepsiCo, AgOutcomes, Inc, And The Illinois Soybean Association To Improve Sustainability In Farming
IngredionOn Sustainability Best Practices
NatureWorks: Launches New PLA For 3D Printing
NatureWorksIngeo PLA Used By Flo SpA For Compostable Coffee Capsules
NatureWorksVideo On How Ingeo Bio-plastic Is Made
NatureWorksSpeaking At Rethinking Materials Virtual Summit May 19-20
NatureWorksPartners With IKEA To Help Reach Full Circularity By 2030
Novamont Webinar “Biodegradable Plastics In The Circular Economy”
NovamontJoins EU Initiative To Create Easily Biodegradable Bioplastics
Novamont5 Actions People Can Take To Reduce Their Environmental Impact
NovamontJoins My Pack Project To Support Market Introduction Of Innovative Packaging
P2 ScienceCitroVisc Featured In Perfumer And Flavorist
P2 ScienceWebcast On New Product Herbenone April 28th
P2 ScienceStudy On The Performance Of Their Ingredient CitroVisc 10K
SmartSolve: 3 Advantages Of Bio-Based Packaging
SmartSolve5 Uses For SmartSolve’s Water Soluble Paper
Tate & LyleProgress Toward Zero Waste
Tate & LyleExceeds 2020 Environmental Goals